Student Wellbeing and Engagement

We are commmitted to Student Engagement and Wellbeing

The objective of our Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy is to support our school to create and maintain a safe, supportive and inclusive school environment consistent with our school’s values.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students and members of our school community understand:

  1. our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students
  2. expectations for positive student behaviour
  3. support available to students and families
  4. our school’s policies and procedures for responding to inappropriate student behaviour. 


Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Introducing our Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHaWL) Ms Marie Soldatos



MHWLs are qualified teachers who work across the school to implement a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing for students, staff, and families based on a broad knowledge of the needs of the school community. This includes:

  • building the capacity of school staff, in particular classroom teachers, to identify and support students with mental health concerns in the classroom
  • supporting the school to create clear referral pathways internally (within school) and externally (to community services) for students identified as requiring further assessment and intervention
  • coordinating targeted mental health support for students by working with regional staff, school wellbeing and leadership teams, teachers, parents/carers, and external agencies.

Marie works in collaboration with other government school MHWLs receiving training from the Faculty of Education at the University of Melbourne, and professional development through communities of practice.



The roles and responsibilities of Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHaWL) in schools include: 

  • providing support in areas such as student attendance, engagement and mental health 
  • providing students with support and/or appropriate referrals in difficult situations such as during times of grief, or when students are facing personal or emotional challenges 
  • providing  guidance to students about values and ethical matters, referring students, or sourcing appropriate services to meet their needs, which may involve access to services in the community 
  • supporting students and staff to create an environment which promotes the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development and wellbeing of all students 
  • supporting students and staff to create an environment of cooperation and mutual respect and promoting an understanding of diversity within the range of cultures and relevant traditions.


Marie is an integral part of our school wellbeing team and runs numerous programs supporting the delivery of student wellbeing services. Marie's work contributes to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students. 





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