Disability and Inclusion

Disability and Inclusion 


Ardeer South Primary School is proud to have a strong focus on Disability Inclusion, an approach that helps us provide support for students with disabilities and build an inclusive school for all our students. Inclusive schools have better outcomes in learning, engagement and wellbeing for all students.


Disability Inclusion will help our school better understand what our students need to help them learn, through:


  • a new strength-based process called the Disability Inclusion Profile to help identify the student’s needs and required adjustments
  • more training and coaching for teachers and school staff about the best ways to support student learning


You can watch an information video at this link link Disability and Inclusion 


Our Disability and Inclusion Leader is Ms Donna Swain is responsible for embedding the Disability and Inclusion model at Ardeer South. Donna is committed and passionate about proactively responding to the needs of students with disabilities to ensure they can participate and achieve their full potential at school and in life. 



Some Key Features of the Disability and Inclusion Model


A new funding model with more investment

The Disability Inclusion funding model provides additional investment that our school can use to support many students, including those with autism, learning difficulties and more. This investment provides more support for students with disabilities, including students who haven’t been eligible for individual funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) in the past.


Our school can use this funding for a range of activities including:

  • training and professional development for teachers and school staff
  • accessing expert advice about a range of disabilities
  • hiring teachers and other staff to help plan and deliver adjustments for students
  • equipment and resources to support learning

The Disability Inclusion Profile

The Disability Inclusion Profile helps us find out more about your child’s strengths and individual needs. It informs personalised funding allocations, help us plan student learning and any changes a student may need to better learn. The Disability Inclusion Profile process replaces the Educational Needs Questionnaire used as a part of the previous PSD process.


We identify students who may benefit from a Disability Inclusion Profile. If we consider that your child’s education will benefit from having a profile, we will contact you.


More training and coaching for teachers and school staff

Disability Inclusion gives more teachers and support staff a better understanding of disability and how to respond. This could include access to:

  • more professionals who are experts in disability
  • coaching
  • professional learning
  • evidence-based guidance and resources
  • scholarships


More information

Visit www.education.vic.gov.au/disabilityinclusion to find out more about Disability Inclusion.