We value regular communication with the aim to build strong relationships and connections within our school community. Outlined below are the channels of communication we use and their purposes and benefits in keeping us all connected.



Our fortnightly newsletter exists in order to communicate the most significant, recent news and to inform parents of special school activities. We always include a calendar of upcoming events and important dates. The newsletter is a great platform to cover specific topics such as a Principal’s Message, recent achievements in sports and updates in curriculum news. The newsletter is sent our via Compass and is also linked to our school website. For those who prefer a printed copy of the newsletter these are available at the school office.


School Website

Our school website is used to improve communication, engage parents and build a platform that contains all key information that members of our community may need. Placing links to essential documentation on our school website provides a simple method for members of the school community to access the information in your own time. 

The website is an opportunity to take a look into our school and delve into the finer details of policies and procedures. There is an opportunity on our website for a virtual visit. 

The key feature of our website is that it contains current and archived newsletters, so parents always have access to up to date news and the calendar.  


Social Media - Ardeer South Primary School Facebook page

Facebook has become a popular method for schools to communicate with their community. It is a powerful way to share school information, news and celebrate daily learning highlights. We use our Facebook page as a highlight reel for our community, sharing the everyday things in our school of which we are proud.

Another benefit of facebook is that it engages parents and gives an opportunity for parents to respond to our posts, ask meaningful questions and increases the interest of parents in what is happening at school. 

This platform is also a great way for prospective parents to learn about the incredible things that are happening at Ardeer South. 


Class Dojo

Class Dojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. Teachers and parents have an open line of communication through the ClassDojo app and students get to showcase their work and share moments with parents throughout the day. 




Compass - School App

Compass is a school management app that allows parents and carers to access up to date information about school events. Compass is used to monitor student attendance and reports. Using Compass helps parents get regular messages from the school.  We understand that parents have a busy schedule and may not be regularly checking emails. Push notifications through the app are the perfect way to inform and remind parents of news or events. When you enrol your child to Ardeer South Primary School we will give you a username and a temporary password to login. 


At Ardeer South Primary School, we use Compass School Manager as an online portal that allows parents to access information about our school and your child. The benefit of this is that information is saved centrally for you to access at any time.

The portal is accessible via the web and also via the COMPASS School Manager App (available for download via the app store on your device). 

Below is a brief overview of the modules currently available to parents via Compass:

  • Personal Details – You can view your child’s personal details and their timetable schedule.
  • Attendance Approval – You are able to view and notify the school of absences and indicate future absences. This includes being able to approve any absence.
  • News feed – You can view important information about events and activities that are happening across the school. The news feed is customised, showing only the information relevant to you and your children.
  • Parent/student/teacher interviews – You can make appointments with teachers online.
  • Access to academic student reports – You can view all of your child’s academic reports

Please ensure you have supplied the school with your current email address and phone number. The details in Compass will be used to send emails regarding excursions, payments due, upcoming events and news items. If you require assistance with access to Compass, please contact the school office.


Log into Compass at and enter your Username and Password (previously provided). If you have forgotten your password we can reset it for you or use the Don’t Know Your Username? Or Forgotten Your Password option on the login page.