School Profile

Ardeer South Primary School is situated in West Sunshine and forms part of the South Western Metropolitan Region. First established in 1973 to service the substantial housing development in the area, the school's enrolment quickly increased in the early 1980s. The student numbers have gradually declined due to the changing demographics, recent new housing estates in the area have yet to impact on the school numbers. In 2019 the enrolment is 230.

The school is housed in two main buildings with air-conditioning to all rooms. In addition to classrooms there is a multipurpose room, Italian room, library, art/craft room, Reading Recovery room, a Language Enrichment Room and a Computer Resource Centre.

The well maintained grounds have been extensively developed over recent years to include three separate adventure playground areas, three sporting ovals, asphalt surfaced netball, basketball and bat tennis courts a synthetic grass area and passive garden settings. School improvements have been designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our students.

The student population is drawn from various cultural and socio economic backgrounds. A high proportion of pupils come from families where English is the second language.

The school believes all students should be encouraged to develop to their full potential, physically, academically and socially, in order to be better equipped to meet the challenges of secondary education and beyond. The school motto, 'Preparing for the Future' reflects this goal.

The school supports the partnership between home and school and recognises the important role parents play in their children's education. Parental involvement and participation in school activities and committees is encouraged and valued. Effective, regular communications by way of newsletters, information bulletins, parent teacher interviews, written reports and parent education programs have helped to develop a feeling of friendship and team spirit. Our school has an active School Council and a Junior School Council.

Ardeer South Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculm. A successful integration program is supported by a team of education support staff. Transition programs have been established with local kindergartens and secondary colleges. The school has an ongoing commitment to the development and refinement of curriculum and policy through a process of cyclic evaluation. The curriculum is designed to motivate and challenge students by providing opportunities in risk taking and accepting responsibility for completing tasks. The School Strategic Plan identifies English and Mathematics as curriculum priority areas to facilitate improvement in students learning. The use of computer technology underpins much of our curriculum with all classrooms having Interactive Whiteboards, facility for Apple TV, desktop computers and access to school Netbooks and Apple i-Pads.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated staff are committed to providing to the total needs of the children in their care. Current teaching and learning practices are being continually refined and enriched through participation in appropriate professional development activities. There is a strong commitment to team planning and collaborative decision making.

A responsive leadership team effectively manages the school resources with program budgeting and whole school planning procedures being well established. Ardeer South is a Habits of Mind school and the principles are evident in our school curriculum and practices.