Literacy Learning

We are excited to be teaching your little learner with our engaging literacy program. 
This page tells you more about our decodable books, which support children as they develop as young readers.


What are decodable books?
There are generally two types of levelled books given to beginner readers – decodable (books which require children to read words by sounding out, using the letters and sounds that they have been taught) and predictable (repetitive text which encourages children to look at the picture, use their knowledge of high frequency words and other strategies to guess the


Our books are decodable books. They are carefully written to match the Little Learners Love Literacy® sequence. Children experience success from the start by sounding out and blending the words in the books using the sounds and letters they’ve learnt so far.


Little Learners Love Literacy® Stages

The Little Learners program is carefully sequenced in seven stages to teach children the 44 sounds of the English language and the principles of the alphabetic code (that each speech sound can be represented by different groups of letters, such as the sound /Ä«/ as in I, sky, pie, ice, cycle, and that a letter (or group of letters) can represent different sounds, such as the letter ‘y’ in yes, gym, funny, sky). There are five Pip and Tim books for every stage in the Little Learners Love Literacy® program, to provide opportunities for your child to apply the letter–sound correspondences taught at each stage in the classroom.