Vision and Mission

Vision value and culture


At Ardeer South Primary School we are committed as a whole school community to our values and the desired future achievements for our students. The school engages routinely with the parent community to work on the shared vision. We aim to build strong local partnerships with community organisations to gain support for the school's core educational values, goals and improvement plan. 



Ardeer South’s vision is to provide a comprehensive learning program that supports and develops each student’s academic, emotional, physical, social and cultural needs. Students will work in an inspiring environment to achieve skills to enable lifelong learning and to achieve the goal of “Preparing for the Future”.



Ardeer South’s mission is to provide a welcoming environment that is positive, safe, inclusive and supportive for all students and members of our school community.  



Our school's objectives are considered as part of the 4 yearly strategic planning process and reflected in the goals listed in our current School Strategic Plan (SSP). We also develop an Annual Implementation Plan to operationalise the goals and key improvement strategies contained in our SSP. 


Ardeer South’s values are Respect, Responsibility, Effort and Safety


Respect- We respect, value and care for ourselves, others, the community and environment.

ResponsibilityWe aim at all times to be fair, honest, present positive behaviour, make good choices and take accountability for choices and actions.

Effort – We strive for excellence, which means trying our hardest and doing our best.

Safety - We maintain the physical and emotional safety of all members of our community





Statement of Values and School Philosophy