Newsletter 17.09.2021

Issue 15


Principal Update

Principal Appointment for Ardeer South Primary School

On behalf of the selection panel for the substantive principal position at Ardeer South, I would like to congratulate Andrea Markham. Andrea has extensive curriculum knowledge and a passion for community, leading and learning.  Andrea has been in school leadership teams since 2010 and has gained a considerable amount of experience which drives her passion for school improvement. She has undertaken the role of Acting Principal at Ardeer South Primary School for Term 3, 2021 and has considered this to be a privilege. She prides herself on relationship-based leadership to support a climate of continuous improvement in line with the School Strategic Plan. Andrea’s experience and leadership skills will be a great asset to ASPS.

Andrea will commence her substantive role in term 4. My deepest appreciation is extended to the school council and to the school council president, Ha Pham and to school council member Nick Makroglou for their time and thoughtful interactions on behalf of the school. Please stay safe and well over the term break, I look forward to sharing the continued success of Ardeer South Primary School.

Charles Branciforte – Senior Education Improvement Leader


Dear Community,

I cannot believe that my term as Acting Principal at Ardeer South has come to an end. It feels like yesterday since meeting all of the staff and students on the first day of this term. What a rough and rocky ride it has been, the most challenging part for me was definitely going into lockdown four days into the term. The positives have been countless though and I would like to do a highlights list for this newsletter.

  1. Staff - Meeting and working with such an incredible group of teachers, ES and office staff has definitely made my transition into the school community so much smoother. I have felt so welcomed and supported and would like to take another opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated and hard working staff and their efforts this term. 


  1. Parents - what a warm and supportive community the Ardeer South parents are, there is such a feeling of pride in the school and connection. You have all done an excellent job juggling home schooling and work and house duties. Be reassured that this time at home with your children will most likely be looked on in years to come and you will also be able to list the positives.


  1. Students - the most important people in the school. Wow! I cannot believe how well they have managed to adapt once again to this style of learning. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you onsite (for the short time we were together) and through all your work, online assemblies and daily webex sessions. You should all be so proud of the qualities you have developed and shown - you are resilient, hard working, positive and open to learning in different ways. These personality traits will benefit you as you move through your educational journey and beyond. 


  1. Events - we have as a learning community been able to celebrate so many things together. Weekly assemblies. Book week, Paralympics Week, Celebrating diversity, Footy day, RU OK day, online excursions, Wellbeing Week, Gratitude garden and daily learning activities. The highlight for me is always 12:30pm when I meet up with an enthusiastic group to develop our Auslan language skills. I have loved these sessions and it will be a highlight for these students to be able to sign the National Anthem in a face to face assembly one day in the near future. Today’s dance parties have been a fun and active way to end the term, thank you to all who showed up and enjoyed the dancing and fun.


  1. Buildings and Grounds - you will notice when you return to school a big change to the front of the cricket oval. You can read more about this project from Mrs Cronin’s article. This planting project will have a great impact on the beautification of the school for years to come. We have completed some work on the roof and guttering and also some minor maintenance work and painting in classrooms. 

I wanted to end using this as another opportunity to thank the incredible team of staff working at the school for their support and for making my term at Ardeer South feel extremely productive and enjoyable. This is an incredible community and it has been an absolute honour and privilege to lead the school during Term 3. 

I sincerely hope you have a safe and happy break. 

Andrea Markham


Assistant Principal Update

It certainly has had its fair share of challenges, but we have made it to the end of Term 3. Though we have some tired students, parents and teachers, we have made it through a long period of remote learning and I want to take a moment to acknowledge some of the outstanding contributions and achievements made by those in our learning community during this term.

Firstly, to the students. I could not be prouder of the effort and achievement of our students during Term 3. Though we know that the remote learning experience is not the same as being in the classroom, our teachers have still been able to illustrate significant student growth as the students have shown fantastic improvement in their literacy and numeracy skills. This is a credit to the resilience of our kids and the strong family support that they have at home. We know that “it takes a village” for a child to succeed and I think this point is particularly true when working remotely. Parents, take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate what you and your child have achieved together. This has not been easy and you should be proud of what you have enabled your child to accomplish. If you had told me in 2019 that we would see children developing academically in this sort of format, I honestly wouldn’t have believed you. This has been made possible by the partnership between home and school that has seen us do just a little bit better through each lockdown. Here’s hoping that is the last lockdown we have to endure and that we can get the kids back to the classroom during Term 4.


On the staffing front, I would like to show appreciation for the resilience and hard work shown by all of our staff through this challenging and uncertain term. In particular, I’d like to acknowledge some staff who have been able to support our community through less than ideal circumstances. Firstly, I’d like to thank Andrea Markham for her commitment to our school through her role as Acting Principal during this term. Despite an extended lockdown, unexpected staffing movements and other unusual operational challenges, Andrea has shown a strong ability to remain flexible and support our community through this time. Thank you, Andrea. I’d also like to acknowledge the efforts of our new Italian teacher Maria Lyon and School Chaplain, Lisa Pingitore. Though both Lisa and Maria joined our staff at such an unusual time, they have been able to support the learning of our students seamlessly. Hopefully, they will both have more of an opportunity to build relationships with our community members during Term 4. Thank you both for your efforts.

Though we have had some arrivals, you will also have noted the announcement of Sylvana Awada leaving our community to pursue another opportunity at the end of this term. Sylvana has been with us for nearly two years now and she has worked hard to support the students in the Prep and 1/2 classrooms. I’d like to thank Sylvana for her efforts both in the classroom and to connect with members of our community. All the best with your new role.

Let’s leave it there for what has been another crazy term. I can tell you that our teachers have spent considerable time this week working together to evaluate their impact on the students this term and plan some meaningful work programs for Term 4. I’m excited about what is coming and I hope we see more time in the classroom than out. Until then, let’s all unplug for a little while and spend some time with our loved ones. I plan to spend the holidays playing with my daughter and planning for our new arrival at the end of the year. I’m hoping you all get the chance to engage in some self-care, in whatever way that is meaningful to you.

Keep Smiling,

Brock Wilson

Assistant Principal


Prep Cohort

The teachers in Foundation are very proud of the students. Throughout remote learning, students have been concentrating on using a full stop, a capital letter and spaces between words when writing a sentence. Well done on a magnificent effort everyone!

1/2 Cohort

Wow. What an incredible term of learning it has been for our Grade 1/2 students. The Grade 1/2 teachers are so proud of the commitment, enthusiasm and determination that was demonstrated throughout Term 3. Despite the unique circumstances, their happy and smiley faces brought joy and happiness to us.

Students have developed their understanding of Procedure Texts in Term 3. During the term, students viewed video recipes to construct their own Procedure Texts. Our learners have focused on structuring their writing to include titles and subheadings. We are excited to see the students transfer the skills that they have developed into next term when learning about other writing genres.

This term, students have explored the language used to describe chance and engaged in learning experiences to apply this knowledge. Additionally, students developed their data retrieval and representation skills utilising online resources. The students have explored 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional shapes over the last two weeks and will look to consolidate this in early Term 4.

The Grade 1/2 teachers would like to thank all families for their ongoing support and commitment to providing the best learning environment for our students. Students attending meetings, completing tasks, and constantly smiling is due to the immense effort’s families have put in at home. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. As the term break approaches, we wish you and the family a safe and restful break. Term 4 will commence on Monday the 4th of October. Please continue to check Compass and Showbie for updates in regard to the mode of learning to start of Term 4. Stay safe and we will see you soon! 

Ms Elise, Ms Dwyer, Mr Tran 

3/4 Cohort

The 3/4 team would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all families for their support in making this difficult time of Remote Learning a time where we could get things done. All students have accessed learning activities and done some amazing work. This term we have learned about explanation texts and provided some quality writing about bridges and how they are constructed. We have tackled designs through the use of KeyNote and used our creativity to make comic books. In numeracy we have applied our knowledge on KeyNote to create scenes using the shape tool. We have refined our knowledge with 2D shapes, angles and rotations. It has been a big term of learning and, even though we wish we could be at school, the teachers are extremely proud of what has been achieved during the remote learning period.


Special mentions to these children for their efforts and quality uploads over the remote learning period. We hope that we can get back to school soon for some face to face learning. Until then, enjoy your holiday break.


3/4 A Remote Learning champions- Angelica, Henry, Zoe, Nawal, Athan and Isa


3/4 B Remote Learning champions- Jessica, Alim, Beniam, Mimah, Hana and Jake


3/4 C Remote Learning champions- Angelo, Bekim, Benjamin, Hayley, Johnny and Vlera

5/6 Cohort

Student of the Week


Prep A

For his excellent participation during our morning check in session via WebEx. Well done Oliver!


Prep B

For demonstrating the school value of Effort during her reading session. Well done !!



For demonstrating the school value of Respect. Robel is always listening with intent & always adds insightful insights to classroom discussions



For his outstanding work this past week. This week Peter has not only completed all his work, but he has also been actively helping others on Showbie when they are having difficulty. Peter has worked hard to understand the bump-it-up wall and give himself feedback and then improve his writing. You are a champion Peter, so proud of you.



For her exceptional contribution to lessons and her work this week. Nelisha always asks for help when she needs it, this means her work is always of a high standard and she gets it all done. Nelisha, I am so proud of you!



For your amazing hard work in reading. You always have a positive attitude and Mrs Caudwell and I are so proud of the amazing reader you are. You always try your best and are reading new and challenging books each week.



For reaching your 100th upload onto Showbie in this remote learning period. WOW! Thank you for your ongoing hard work.



For using his maths whizz skills to solve a killer sudoku!



For regularly uploading quality pieces of work onto ‘Showbie’ and always applying maximal effort to all learning tasks. You always attend our Webex meetings with a positive attitude, well done!



For always showing amazing effort and encouraging others to do their best.



For being focused and enthusiastic during small group Webex



For showing the value of responsibility by consistently uploading great work across all subjects. Good work!

Sam 1/2C


For your excellent catching skills in PE this week!

Ryan Le 5/6C


For your commitment to attending Tutoring sessions during Remote Learning. Well Done, Ryan.


Prep A

For excellent attendance during remote learning. Well done Syta!

My Little Soldiers

Prep B

To my beautiful students, I say THANK-YOU! How you’ve grown and I not only think of how much you’ve learned but also how much you’ve taught me. Today, it’s hard to say goodbye.These past months we have not only grown together but we went on an amazing roller-coaster ride and made happy memories along the way. A little bit of each of you will always be with me. I am so proud of your achievements. Always strive to be the BEST that you can be! I will dearly miss you all. All the best in your brightest journey ahead !

Everyone in 1/2Awesome


Thank you to the Awesome students in 1/2A who have all demonstrated incredible resilience, perseverance and adaptation during a successful term of learning. Your family and teachers have admired your ability to demonstrate responsibility by attending your WebEx meetings and submitting work on Showbie with regularity. We are very proud. Congratulations and enjoy a well deserved break! I’ll see you all in term 4!



Wow! Francesco has had such an incredible week. Francesco used the bump-it-up wall to improve his writing and give himself feedback. In conferencing today he recognised that his writing had met the final 4 star text from the wall. Francesco, you should be super proud of yourself and your hard work this term.



Aadi, you are one little superstar. Aadi joins each and every WebEx with myself and Ms Rossini. Aadi proudly shows me his spelling and writing each day. Aadi and I wrote a fun recipe yesterday about how to make a healthy salad. Aadi helped me to remember a heading, ingredients and steps! What a champion Aadi.

All of 1/2C- BCE


I am so proud of all of my superstars. You all show effort, determination and such a positive attitude each and every day. You have all worked so hard during remote learning, you have not only produced incredible work but you have taken ownership of your learning and attended WebEx sessions with respect and put a huge smile on my face each and every day. You have all achieved so much this term and I am the proudest teacher.



For being at school and trying your hardest with every activity. Thank you for attending WebEx meetings with Mrs Rawlings and recording your voice in reading activities to submit on Showbie. I’m proud of what you have done!!



Thank you 3/4B for consistently putting in effort each day and producing some high quality work. Remote learning isn’t easy but it is easier with a class full of all of you.

To my entire class!


Thank you for all of your amazing efforts throughout the term and during our remote learning period. You have all done an amazing job of uploading work onto, ‘Showbie’, creating entertaining Keynotes presentations and creating joy and laughter during our daily Webex meetings, thank you!

Everyone in 5/6A


For their resilience, effort, humour, patience, honesty and dedication. Congratulations on the progress you have all made with your learning under difficult circumstances. I couldn’t be prouder.



For showing tremendous effort, resilience, patience and flexibility. You make me proud to be your teacher.



For an amazing Term 3 and persevering through remote learning. You have all produced some fantastic work and worked extremely well together in your groups. Keep it up guys, enjoy your break!

Ermina – Prep  A


For fantastic catching during your remote PE lesson. Well done, Ermina!

Angelica - 3/4A


For her commitment to attending Tutoring sessions during Remote Learning. Well Done.

Urban Rainforest for Ardeer South Primary School

In 2019, students in Years 1 and 2, wrote to the Mayor of Brimbank Council. They had been learning about Urban Forests and the plan for the Urban Forest in the CBD of Melbourne. They were impressed by the use of trees and plants, along streets, on rooftops, and on the sides of buildings, and their effectiveness for cooling down streets, and altering weather, and responding to issues facing the future of their world. The students drew pictures of the CBD design, and Tree Canopy, and the Mayor of Brimbank , Georgina Papafotiou, responded to their request for an Urban Forest to be planted at their school with a resounding YES.

The Year 1 and 2 students had engaged with Council and advocated for their world and they were only 6 and 7 years old. Powerful!

Our Urban Forest journey should have started in 2020, but COVID19 made on site collaboration with Adrian Gray, Manager of Urban Design at Brimbank, impossible. It did, however, afford Ms Cronin some time to investigate funding streams, and we have since been successful in securing two Grants to help fund our Urban Forest Project. 2030 schools applied for a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant and 1609 schools were successful, of which ASPS was one. We secured $1000 with a $500 Bee Bonus, for Pollinator Plants to be included in our planting.

2021 offered us on-site exchanges, with the students, who are now in Years 4 and 5, meeting Adrian and communicating to him, their ideas for a design for our school. Ms Cronin sought Grant recommendations from the Office of Katie Hall MP, and another Grant Application later, we have secured funding from DEWLP Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grant, for a second amount of funding, to enable us to continue beyond Stage One of our Urban Forest planting.

COVID19 forced us into lockdown #6, so the plans that we had made for every student, and every staff member, and every School Council member, and the Mayor of Brimbank Council Ranka Rasic, and Katie Hall MP, to come on-site and plant a tree, had to be postponed once more. Whilst this will happen when we can return on-site, something very exciting has happened on Wednesday of this week.

We had prepared the soil, Garden Club students and some staff had helped weed the area, trees had been secured and were waiting at Adrian Gray’s house, the Mayor of Brimbank Council, Ranka Rasic and Katie Hall MP, have been invited and cancelled, twice.

The trees couldn’t wait any longer, so Adrian and Paul, from Brimbank Council, came on-site to plant out Stage One of our Urban Forest. If you walk along Murray Street, you will see a strip of mulched garden which is now filled with tube stock trees and shrubs. We can now watch these grow and become a legacy, from one generation of students to future generations of students.

We will have a Celebratory Day, for this Stage, with all of the students and important people, but for now, we will have to be satisfied with knowing that there are trees in the ground awaiting our return at Ardeer South Primary School.