Newsletter 01.04.2021

Issue 4


Principal Update

Dear Ardeer South families,

What a term! I would like to recognise the amazing staff at Ardeer South Primary School.  Behind the scenes, they have all been working so hard to strive towards whole school improvement, growth in student learning and increased curriculum knowledge and delivery.  It has been great to see students take on the challenges of learning and focus on goal setting and high achievement.  I am really proud of what our students are achieving and I look forward to seeing what they will achieve in Term 2. 

I want to wish our students a restful two weeks of Term Holidays.  I hope you enjoy some quality family time and do activities you enjoy doing.  Term 2 commences on Monday 19th April.

Happy Easter.

School Council

On Tuesday we had our First and Special School Council Meeting for 2021.  At this meeting, the new office bearers were appointed.  I want to recognise and congratulate our

President – Ha Pham

Vice President – Valentina Muja

Treasurer –Ha Pham 

School Council is responsible for determining school policy, the management of the school's finances as well as buildings and grounds. The new school council will work to ensure our school continues to progress and provide a high-quality education for our students.

At the meeting, the Ardeer South Primary School 2020 Annual report was presented and approved. This report summarizes our achievements for the year.  Despite much of the year being impacted by remote learning, we still achieved some great results.  After final DET approval this report will be available on our school website.

I look forward to working with this group to continue to develop and grow Ardeer South Primary School in 2021.

Parent access to classrooms and attending school events

I would like to thank the school community for your support and cooperation throughout the term as we safely navigate our way through the COVID Safe environment.

The Victorian Government announced more relaxed COVID Safe settings to take effect, as a result, the Department has modified the School Operations Guide.  At the beginning of Term 2 I will be providing details on parents being able to access classrooms and school events.  It is hoped that with current COVID-19 environment in Victoria will allow us to reopen our school to the community and further joint participation in events and student learning.  We appreciate parents being patient whilst we navigate these DET guidelines and regulations.

Cars and Safety Reminder

Parents are not permitted to drive vehicles into the school car parks when bringing their children to, or collecting them from school. It is extremely dangerous as it creates a traffic hazard as well as places students in ‘out of bounds’ areas.

Parents are not permitted to park on the school crossings (or in front of our large school bin/dumper). It is a parking infringement and as such, offenders may be fined by police or Brimbank Council law enforcement if observed.

Please ask that your children cross the roads at the designated school crossing points. Parents using the drop off/pick up zones on Nina Street should stop their cars and allow their children to exit or get into the car, then drive off. Please do not park across the crossing as this is a dangerous and illegal practice.

Please recognise that Nina Street is a One-way street during school times.

Please also note, the parking restriction in this area is 2 minutes – enough time for children to enter and exit the vehicle safely.

I want to also highlight that the street speed limit is 40km/h around the school.  Please make sure that you obey this restriction and drive safely around the school.  Children can be highly unpredictable at times, by travelling at this speed it will allow for better reaction times as a driver if a child was to run on the road.


A number of infectious diseases can be spread from one person to another by contaminated hands. These diseases include gastrointestinal infections, such as Salmonella, and respiratory infections, such as influenza. Washing your hands properly can help prevent the spread of the germs (like bacteria and viruses) that cause these diseases.


You should wash your hands thoroughly:

  • after using the toilet
  • before, during and after preparing food
  • before eating
  • after using a tissue or handkerchief
  • before and after attending to sick children or other family members.
  • after handling rubbish or working in the garden
  • after handling animals

Parent/Family Contact Details

Please ensure your contact details are up to date at all times. If your mobile phone number/address changes please let the office.  In addition to this, we will sometimes rely on contacting your ‘emergency contact’.  If their contact details have also changed or you want to nominate an alternate contact, please inform the office.

2022 Prep Enrolments

It’s hard to believe I am writing this as I can’t believe how quickly the year is going, but Prep enrolments for next year will be taken from the beginning of term 2.  We have already been receiving enquiries about new families joining our school in 2022.

Parents are required to supply the following information when enrolling:

  • Proof of age (birth certificate or passport)
  • Immunisation certificate

Prep tours will be held throughout Terms 2 & 3 for interested parents. Bookings through the office are essential for school tours.  If you know anyone interested in having a school tour please pass on the school number – 93632768.

School Values

Our School values are important to us. 

Remember to Respect, Be Responsible and always put in Effort.

Stuart Telford


Vice Principal update

That’s it for the end of the first chapter of 2021!

I tend to get a bit reflective as we reach the end of the term and I enjoy looking back at how much progress has been made across our school.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all families for their patience as we have transitioned back into something that resembles normal schooling life. It has been wonderful having you all on site again before and after school and with the relaxing of restrictions, we are excited at the opportunities ahead for you to become further involved with your child’s learning. So much progress has been made this term as our staff enter into what will be a very well-earned rest.    

Speaking of parent support, I was blown away by the energy within our first School Council meeting this week. With some new and familiar faces, I think we have a great crew to represent the parents within our community. Some of the ideas that were already bouncing around to improve our school within that first meeting were fantastic and I am looking forward to working with this group this year. What was evident from this first meeting is that we are all on the same team, working towards the same goal of making Ardeer South Primary School the best school that it can be for every single child that walks through our gates.

On that note, I want to thank you all for your support in developing your child academically, socially and emotionally. We have seen a great response to the new reading program we have included, and it has been wonderful to see parents so engaged with their children’s reading at home. On the behaviour front, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside many of you to help your child deal with various issues and I am enjoying building working relationships with so many families. Please remember that we are always working towards the same goals that you are and that is for each child to learn how to be responsible, comfortable and confident in our community. We know the little people have not always got that all figured out just yet, so we appreciate your support as we work with them to continue the skills that they will need to thrive in the future.

That’s all from me for this term – here’s hoping you enjoy some quality family time in the coming weeks and I look forward to speaking with you all again for a busy Term 2.

Keep Smiling,

Brock Wilson

Assistant Principal

Student Wellbeing News

Birthdays and celebrations are an important part of a child’s life and there are many opportunities to celebrate these. At Ardeer South we believe it is important to acknowledge and celebrate special milestones.

At school, birthdays are a special occasion acknowledged by singing a Happy Birthday song by peers and receiving a birthday certificate at assembly. Students will be made to feel ‘special’ on their birthday in ways suitable to their age group.

The safety and health of our students is of utmost importance, therefore birthday cakes/cupcakes will not be permitted for sharing at school as part of a celebration as students with a wide range of moderate, severe, or life threatening allergies to various food products may be part of the school’s community.

Below are some recommended birthday celebration treats and non-food items that families who wish to have their child’s birthday recognised in their classroom can bring to school. Due to the nature of current circumstances, we recommend packaged items that the teacher will distribute at the end of the day.


Ciao tutti!
Hello everyone!   

We have had an exciting two weeks celebrating Harmony Week and Multiculturalism. For Italian and as part of students’ Social Emotional Learning, Prep to 2 have been watching Italian Disney songs, made puppets and masks from Disney characters such as Simba from Lion King as well as continuing making different Italian outfits for our Italian paper dolls. While grades 3 to 6 are continuing to research their culture in Italian. Their task was to research their cultural flag, traditional clothing and five fun facts all in Italian. We have found out a lot about all the different cultures, traditional clothing, different foods and different flags that belong to our students. So many interesting cultures!

For Art, all students are making “wind chime” hanging decorations from hearts to reflect love and peace and harmony. These will hang in our art room and display walls. Preps to 2 were able to practice their fine motor skills with this learning experience by using stencils to decorate along with different hole punching stampers to create little decorations for their hearts. Grades 3 to 6 also had fun with these stampers but also opted for patterns and pictures for their hearts. Finally, a special performance consisting of a Lion Dance performance was organised as part of a surprise during the last assembly of the term last week as students learnt all about Lunar New Year and LNY celebrations. The majority of our students loved the performance and lion.

That is from me. Until next time…HAPPY HOLIDAYS (Buona vacanza) and don’t forget to keep smiling! 😊

Signorina Ly

Prep Cohort

What a term it has been. The Foundations students have had an amazing term learning, making new friends and most importantly having fun. Last week the students learnt a new letter P and its sound. To celebrate the letter P, the students came to school in their pyjamas.

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe. See you all back next term!

Mr C and Mrs A


1/2 Cohort

Last week, the grade 1/2 students were fortunate enough to participate in house tabloid sports. The students participated in egg race, beanbag toss, tunnel ball and ring toss activities. It was fantastic to see students demonstrate teamwork and coordination during the activities.

We've had a fantastic term of learning and look forward to another amazing term of reaching our goals. We look forward to continuing this in term 2. We wish all students and families a great break- see you next term!

From the Grade 1/2 Teachers

5/6 Cohort

What an amazing term the Grade 5/6s have had!

Leadership has been the theme for our students and they have certainly risen to the challenge. Their growth in learning has been very impressive as we’ve seen so many of our students present quality speeches in front of all their peers.

Congratulations to all students who impressed us with their bravery, determination and persistence. And well done to everyone for being a respectful, attentive audience.

Our Interschool Sports program was also a great success with so many of our 5/6 students representing our school proudly. Thank you to all who displayed good sportsmanship and we trust that you enjoyed the experience.

Some reflections from our students . . .

Student of the Week


Prep A

For being able to use the pincer grip and being able to write his name. Well done Mortada!


Prep B

For always trying her best with her learning and never giving up ! Well done Leighana


1/2 A

For the value of effort. Temrat always shares his ideas with the class. He always offers insightful comments and information. Keep it up.


1/2 B

For always being a willing helper, and a super cooperative student while 1/2B was split last week. Thanks for always trying your hardest and Peter, you’re a champion.


1/2 C

For her hard work and effort towards her amazing recount. Jade has done an amazing job at using time connectives and a range of strong verbs within her writing. Great job Jade!


3/4 A

Amazing organisation of your note taking for reading. Thank you for your neat, well set out work!!


3/4 B

For always listening and following instructions the first time.

Our entire class of 3/4C

3/4 C

For your determination and persistence with place value and taking risks during class discussions. Keep up the wonderful work, I am proud of every one of you.


5/6 A

For always being a responsible and helpful student who encourages others to do their best.


5/6 B

For making great choices in the classroom and in the playground.


5/6 C

For showing large improvements in her persuasive writing speech. Congratulations on becoming a house captain!



For always putting in his best effort with Italian work. Excellent work!

Jessica  3/4B

The Arts

For always being a respectful, engaged and responsible student during our Art sessions. Fantastico



For working really hard on her speech for JSC rep and identifying some of her personal strengths. Good Luck!



For fantastic effort in gymnastics